Join with us to celebrate Norfolk Welcomes!

On Friday 20th April, schools across Norfolk will be marking the inaugural Norfolk Welcomes.

Norfolk Welcomes will be a day of action which encourages schools:

  • to build their pupil’s understanding of the global refugee crisis
  • to connect with our county’s rich history as a place of sanctuary
  • to raise funds to support local refugees and asylum seekers

Click here to find out why your school should take part?

This year’s celebration will kick-off Amnesty International Football Welcomes weekend.

Schools will be provided with ideas, lesson plans and assembly materials to mark the day.

They will also be encouraged to hold a non-uniform day for which pupils may make a voluntary donation of £1.

All proceeds will be donated to the New Routes Emergency Fund to help support  local refugees and asylum seekers.

Please add the date to your calendar and get in touch at  if you would like your school to take part.

It is up to you how you celebrate the day! Some schools are planning a whole-day off curriculum while others may decide just to have a one-off lesson, special assembly or hold a non-uniform day.

We will send participating schools a planning guide, to be published in March, which will include everything you need to organise how your school can mark the day.

Norfolk Welcomes is part of the City of Sanctuary movement which aims to build welcoming and inclusive communities for refugees and asylum seekers across the UK.

Norfolk Welcomes is  a collaborative project involving:

Please download this for further information about the project.