Secondary lessons 2019

Below you will find lessons created especially for Norfolk Welcomes 2019 alongside some from last year that are pertinent to this year’s event. Choose whatever would work best for your school!

A range of shorter PSHE activities ideal for tutor time, and based upon Amnesty International activities, is available here.

KS3 HISTORY/PSHE Norwich Welcomes: Strangers & friends – 3X 60 minutes

NW19 Following on from the 2 lessons below, pupils review what they have learned previously about The Strangers before considering Shakespeare’s work ‘The Stranger’s case’ and reflecting on contemporary refugee migration. Resources

NW18 Pupils will consider two different waves of refugee migration to Norwich –  the Strangers in the 16th century and Syrians today. They will explore the reasons they fled their homes an resettled in Norwich and the ‘welcome’ they both received. Lesson 1 resources, Lesson 2 resources

KS4 ENGLISH Exploring the themes of
‘The Émigrée’ by Carol Rumens
– 60-90 minutes

NW19 Pupils will discuss the meaning of the words ’emigrée’ and ‘immigrant’ and their associations before exploring the use of semantic fields in the poem. Finally pupils will create their own poem using ‘The Émigrée’. Resources ‘The Émigrée’ is currently studied in many schools as part of the GCSE AQA English Literature “Poetry and Conflict” anthology

EAL/PSHE Our school welcomes the world!– 60 minutes

NW19 Pupils will learn a little about who The Strangers were and what languages were spoken in Norwich around the time of their arrival. They will then reflect on the languages spoken in their school community before choosing a task in order to celebrate these languages. Resources

ART PROJECT A welcome card for local Syrian families resettling as refugees locally– 60-90 minutes

NW19 Pupils will learn a little about the war in Syria and the experiences of Syrians who have been forced to flee their homeland before making a class card to welcome a Syrian family who will be moving to Norwich to resettle. Resources

KS3/4 ENGLISH/PSHE ‘Lift the Ban’ debate

NW19 Pupils will discuss/debate the motion, ‘People who are seeking asylum should be allowed to work and volunteer while they wait to see whether their application for refugee status will be accepted’. This work will be framed within the context of the ‘Lift the Ban’ campaign. Resources

ART PROJECT A digital patchwork of ‘Strangers’- tutor time activity

NW19 In response to this year’s Norfolk Welcomes art project, A patchwork of ‘Strangers’, pupils will respond creatively to their growing understanding of the experiences of refugees and asylum seekers and contribute to a collaborative digital art project. Resources

English/Art Creative-writing competition – to be completed at home or in school

NW19 Children invited to create a poem, short story, or comic strip on the theme of welcome. The winning entry will have an accompanying illustration created by Alex Brychta, famous illustrator of the much loved Biff, Chip and Kipper reading books. Resources

KS3 HISTORY/PSHE What is a Stranger?  – 60-90 minutes

NW18 Pupils will explore the contested definition of the word ‘Stranger’, looking at when it was first used in Norwich, and contrasting it with persons that could be considered ‘strangers’ today. Resources

PSHE/DRAMA Time to flee  – 60-90 minutes

NW18 Pupils will look at a case study of displacement and  use role play to explore and build empathy with refugee experience.  Based upon an Amnesty International activity. Resources