Football Welcomes

Norfolk Welcomes is proud to be partnered with Football Welcomes, Amnesty International’s annual celebration of the contribution refugees have made to football since World War II. For the first Football Welcomes, in April 2017, 30 UK clubs took part. Each marked the event in their own way, with involvement ranging from organising games of football for young refugees and running stadium tours to simply promoting the initiative on the club’s website and social media.

An article featuring the different ways clubs took part in Football Welcomes.

Norfolk Welcomes, Football Welcomes and Norwich City FC

One of the 30 clubs to support Football Welcomes in its inaugural year, Norwich City FC is marking the initiative in 2018 by working with Norfolk Welcomes. To highlight both the club’s involvement in refugee history and their support for displaced people, Norwich City FC has contributed a special video interview with the club’s Bosnian midfielder, Mario Vrančić, who was forced to seek refuge in Germany with his family when he was a child. Learn more about Mario’s story by clicking below.

Mario Vrančić interview

Norwich City FC has several other strong links to refugee history and experience. One is the canary: the club’s nickname and emblem are the direct result of refugee migration! Find out more below.

Norwich City FC Welcomes

“We are delighted that Norwich City FC are taking part in Football Welcomes this year. With so many clubs across the country participating, the message from football is clear – refugees are welcome in the UK. At a time when hate-filled rhetoric so often fills our newspapers and social media timelines, this shows that there is another story to be told.

Violence and persecution around the world are forcing people to flee their homes and look for safety in communities elsewhere, and a small number make it to the UK. Football can give people a sense of purpose and belonging, and football clubs are at the heart of our towns and cities and have an important role to play in welcoming refugees and helping to promote respect, understanding and integration.”

Naomi Westland, Football Welcomes Manager at Amnesty International UK