Norfolk Welcomes

Friday, 20th April 2018

Norfolk Welcomes is a day of action on displacement that aims to help schoolchildren make sense of the global refugee crisis and to understand the importance of building welcoming communities. It will also enable pupils to engage with a rich and little-known vein of local history: how over time both Norfolk and Norwich have acted as places of sanctuary and refuge for people from many different communities. More than 50 schools across Norfolk have already signed up to take part on Friday 20th April. We hope yours will join us!

How to get involved

It’s up to you how your school takes part in Norfolk Welcomes. You might want to plan a whole day off-curriculum, organise a single dedicated lesson, or hold a special assembly. Alternatively, you could simply hold a fundraising non-uniform day on 20th April under the Norfolk Welcomes banner, asking your pupils to each make a voluntary donation of £1 (with monies going to help support local charities working that work with refugees and asylum seekers).

Want to take part? Click the links below for what you’ll need:

* Resources – materials for assemblies and lesson plans (KS1, KS2 and secondary), etc.

* Fundraising – hold a non-uniform day and raise money for local charities

More on Norfolk Welcomes

Norfolk Welcomes is a collaborative initiative led by Norwich Schools of Sanctuary that involves Anglia Ruskin University, The Common Lot, The Friend Ship and Amnesty International. The resources that we have produced are underpinned by research that explores Norfolk’s history as a place of sanctuary. See here for more information about the research project and how it shaped Norfolk Welcomes.

One focus of our research has been the links between Norwich City FC and refugee history and experience. We are proud that celebrations for Norfolk Welcomes will kick off Amnesty International’s Football Welcomes weekend in our county. Learn more here

Tell us what you’re up to!

We really hope that you choose to take part in Norfolk Welcomes, and that if you do, your day of action is a great success! Do let us know how things go, and stay in touch!

With very best wishes ,

Jake Brown

Norfolk Welcomes Project Lead and Year 4 teacher at Avenue Junior School, Norwich