Key Stage 1 lessons 2019

EAL/PSHE Our school welcomes the world!– 60 minutes

NW19 Pupils will learn a little about who The Strangers were and what languages were spoken in Norwich around the time of their arrival. They will then reflect on the languages spoken in their school community before choosing a task in order to celebrate these languages. Resources

ART/PSHE A welcome card for local Syrian families resettling as refugees locally– 60-90 minutes

NW19 Pupils will learn a little about the war in Syria and the experiences of Syrians who have been forced to flee their homeland before making a class card to welcome a Syrian family who will be moving to Norwich to resettle. Resources

English/PSHE ‘If you joined our class…’ – 40-60 minutes

NW19 Pupils will consider the experiences of a child refugee in the UK before imaging the welcome they would like to give them if they joined their class. Finally these ideas will be transformed into a class poem. Yet to be released – return here at a later date

HISTORY/PSHE The canary’s story – 40-60 minutes

NW18 Pupils will discover a ‘canary’ in their classroom and work together to make their new arrival feel welcome and safe. This will introduce the history of the 16th century refugees ‘The Strangers’ who introduced canaries to Norwich when they resettled there. Resources

PSHE Ali’s story – 40-60 minutes

NW18 Pupils will explore  the real-life account of a young boy’s journey from Afghanistan to the UK before considering ways in which we can help to make sanctuary seekers feel welcome and safe. Resources

Huge thanks to Donna Thompson, Emma Gaffney and Louise Robbins-Ferreira for helping to develop and share some of these teaching resources.