Free online ESOL programme for refugees and asylum seekers

The lovely people from Little Bridge are offering free and full access to their online ESOL programme for refugees and asylum seekers and their families in the UK. See their website and more info below. Get in touch if you’d like to take advantage of this kind offer


Little Bridge is a fun way to develop basic English and ICT skills via digital learning and the family learning model enables children to learn with their parents. It can be used in a variety of settings: at home, in a library, community centre, ESOL lessons and even schools. In Yorkshire and Wales, it is used in a number of schools to create a family learning environment to assist with English learning. Some of it runs as an app on smartphones but generally it runs on a multimedia PC with sound and a microphone.

In 2015, Little Bridge approached the Home Office in response to the Refugee Crisis and kindly offered full access to their programme free of charge to all resettled Syrian children and their parents. In fact, Little Bridge is now available free of charge to all refugees and asylum-seekers, not just those on the Syrian Resettlement Programme.

Although aimed at children, adults with low levels of English will also benefit from and enjoy using it. The program is already extensively used in Yorkshire and Wales as well as around the world to teach English.