Pitch Invasion by Tom Palmer

Download Tom’s letter to share with your class here.

Tom Palmer is a children’s author who has written many books based around football, including the Football Academy series. He has been described as “one of the best football writers of our time” by The Guardian. We are very pleased that Tom has become part of the Norfolk Welcomes family.

Tom’s novel “Pitch Invasion” is part of the “Defenders” series, featuring teen detectives Seth and Nadiya, who specialise in solving hauntings at football venues by ghosts from historical settings. In “Pitch Invasion”, Seth meets two football-crazy brothers from Aleppo. Their story gives him courage to deal with the problems he is facing and help him solve the mystery.

Pitch Invasion would be an excellent class reader. It is short and accessible and provides many opportunities to start conversations in your class about seeking sanctuary and to supplement your pupils knoweldge of the Iron Age as part of KS2 History. Alternatively you could use the extract read by Tom Palmer below to devise a one-off lesson and give your class a flavour of the book.

Here is a suggested lesson for KS2 to accompany the video extract. Please note you will need access to Youtube in order to play the video.

You can find out more about Tom and his work here.