Short activities

These activities were based upon Amnesty International resources and adapted for Norfolk Welcomes 2018. They are short PSHE lessons of 20-40 minutes centred on discussion and critical thinking. These activities are suitable for Key Stage 2, 3 and 4. Teachers at lower Key Stage 2 should use their judgement as to their suitability for their class.

  • Mythbusting 

NW2019 Pupils will understand the distinction between refugees and asylum seekers. They will explore some questions and facts that challenge prevalent myths about refugees and asylum seekers Resources: Mythbusting

  • What’s in a name?       

NW2018 Pupils will work in small groups and consider two poems written by sanctuary seekers that explore  their feelings about being labelled as a ‘refugee’ Resources: What’s in a name

  • What do we have in common?

NW2018 Pupils will explore some links between Norwich City FC and local refugee communities before considering some of the ways in which The Strangers have shaped Norwich and Norfolk Resources: What do we have in common , Refugee footballer bios, More on NCFC’s links to refugee history

  • Why do people become refugees?

NW2018 Pupils will discuss the different reasons that people become refugees before using a case study to explore refugee experience Resources: Why do people become refugees

  • Home is where the heart is

NW2018 Pupils will imagine what it would be like to flee their homes and start a new life as a refugee in another country Resources: Home is where the heart is

Special thanks to Ruth Pope, Rowena Seabrook and Hayle Davies at Amnesty International for their support and guidance with this project.

Norfolk Welcomes 2018 was proud to be a part of the Amnesty International initiative, Football Welcomes. Learn more here.