Sharing what you get up on 20th April is a great way to spread the message of Norfolk Welcomes, and to connect with other people across the county who are trying to build positive, friendly communities for everyone. If you want to, here are a few simple ideas on how to share:

Tell your parents and carers about the day

Here is some text to share with parents and carers to explain Norfolk Welcomes and the non-uniform day

Send us your photos

You could take a picture of you and your class with our poster, and send it to us or share it online at #Norfolk Welcomes. Click here to download your Norfolk Welcomes poster

Please remember that when sharing images online permission must be sought from the children and their parents/carers and that no names or ages should be shared alongside the image.

Photography by Verity Conway

Share your Norfolk Welcomes celebrations online

You could post a description of what you’ve done on your school website, your school’s Twitter feed or our Twitter feed at #NorfolkWelcomes (and please Follow us: @NorwichSOS).

Taking part in Norfolk Welcomes could be your first step in becoming a School of Sanctuary!

Find out how as a school you can make a commitment to creating a safe and welcoming community for everyone, here.