Norfolk Welcomes

Friday, 20th April 2018

Norfolk Welcomes is a day of action on displacement that engages schoolchildren creatively and critically with the global refugee crisis and local refugee histories (past and present) in order to help them make sense of the world and build more welcoming communities.

On Friday, 20th April schools across Norfolk will be joining together to mark the day. Join us!

Educators up and down the country are finding that the global refugee crisis has sparked questions, curiosity and concern among their pupils. How best to engage in these complex and important conversations with our pupils is a challenge that we can help you with.

Our county also has a rich and varied history as a place of sanctuary and refuge. Norfolk Welcomes will help your pupils explore this rich and little known vein of local history.

It’s up to you how your school marks the Norfolk Welcomes day – you might plan a whole day off-curriculum, or decide to organise a single dedicated lesson or hold a Norfolk Welcomes assembly; alternatively, you could simply hold a non-uniform day under the Norfolk Welcomes banner and ask your pupils to make a voluntary donation of £1, with monies going to help support local refugees or asylum seekers.

Return to this page at the end of March for all the lesson plans, assembly materials, suggested activities and additional information you will need to plan how to mark the day at your school.


Norfolk Welcomes is a collaboration between Norwich Schools of Sanctuary, Anglia Ruskin University, The Common Lot and Amnesty International.