KS2 lessons & schemes of work

A range of shorter PSHE activities (20-40minutes), based upon Amnesty International activities and resources, is available here.

HISTORY/PSHE The canary’s story – 40-60 minutes (Y3 & Y4)

Pupils will discover a ‘canary’ in their classroom and work together to make their new arrival feel welcome and safe. This will introduce the history of the 16th century refugees The Strangers who introduced canaries to Norwich when they resettled there. Resources

PSHE/DRAMA Time to flee  – 60-90 minutes

Pupils will look at a case study of displacement and  use role play to explore and build empathy with refugee experience.  Based upon an Amnesty International activity. Resources

ART Football trading cards – 90 minutes

Children will explore the stories of displacement of some famous footballers before designing and creating a football trading card in their honour. Resources

LITERACY Pitch Invasion by Tom Palmer120 minutes                    

Children will explore an extract from Tom Palmer’s book Pitch Invasion and respond critically and creatively to the themes of displacement and welcome raised in the text. Resources to follow

ART Postcards of welcome for children who are refugees – 90 minutes

Children will create postcards with messages of welcome and friendship  which will be sent to refugee children in the UK and in Gaza as part of the Postcards for Peace project. Resources

N.B. A voluntary donation of £1 per child is asked in order to facilitate the sending of the cards. See here for more information on Postcards for Peace

ART Schools of Sanctuary textile wall hanging– several lessons

Children will work collaboratively to create a textile wall hanging that embodies the School of Sanctuary values of welcome, safety and inclusion. Resources

SCIENCE Bread as a welcoming food – a range of activities

A range of activities of scientific activities focused on microbes and food, inspired by the history of The Strangers – 16th century refugees who settled in Norfolk. Resources

Special thanks to Lisa Crossman, Donna Thompson and our friends at The Friend Ship (Emma & Jack) for the design and production of these resources.

All of these lessons and activities were designed in response to the work of the Norfolk Welcomes citizen researchers. See here for more information about the research project led by Anglia Ruskin University and how it shaped Norfolk Welcomes.