KS1 lessons & schemes of work

HISTORY/PSHE The canary’s story – 40-60 minutes

Pupils will discover a ‘canary’ in their classroom and work together to make their new arrival feel welcome and safe. This will introduce the history of the 16th century refugees ‘The Strangers’ who introduced canaries to Norwich when they resettled there. Resources

HISTORY/PSHE Ali’s story – 40-60 minutes

Pupils will explore  the real-life account of a young boy’s journey from Afghanistan to the UK before considering ways in which we can help to make sanctuary seekers feel welcome and safe. Resources

HISTORY/PSHE The Strangers and their canaries – 45 minutes

Pupils will explore what it means to be a refugee with reference to ‘The Strangers’ coming to Norwich in the 16/17th century. Resources

All of these lessons and activities were designed in response to the work of the Norfolk Welcomes citizen researchers. See here for more information about the research project led by Anglia Ruskin University and how it shaped Norfolk Welcomes.

Huge thanks to Donna Thompson and Hannah Hunter for developing and sharing these teaching resources.