Becoming a School of Sanctuary

Would your school like to join us?

We are building a network of Schools of Sanctuary across the city and beyond to share resources and ideas that will help our pupils make sense of the refugee crisis and also empower them to support refugees, asylum seekers and other groups of immigrants in our local communities.

Schools of Sanctuary is for everyone: diverse or homogenous schools, parents, communities, local people and people seeking sanctuary. It’s a way to engage sanctuary seekers and families with their communities and educate children and teachers about the human right to sanctuary.

Schools of Sanctuary is not just about asylum seekers and refugees. We aim to create a safe environment that includes everybody in school, regardless of where people come from or what they look like.

There are three simple principles to being a School of Sanctuary:
Learn about what it means to be seeking sanctuary
Take positive action to embed concepts of welcome, safety and inclusion within your school and the wider community
Share your vision and achievements – be proud!
How do we become a School of Sanctuary?

First you need to evaluate and share the good practice you already do to promote these principles. You then carry out one or more projects to improve this provision before sharing the results with the network and your school community.

Below you can find an application pack, national information pack,and some exemplars to give you an idea of what the process may look like for your school. Your school’s programme can be as big or as small as you’d like it to be!

Schools of Sanctuary_Application pack

schools-of-sanctuary- info- national

Example planning grid – primary school

Example planning grid – secondary school

Example evidence submission – primary school

Example evidence submission – secondary school

For further examples of projects and some excellent support materials see the City of Sanctuary website